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New Policy: Straws On Request

Effective January 1, restaurants and food vendors in the City of Alameda can only provide straws upon customer request, and the straws must be compostable paper straws. Additionally, all disposable to-go food ware must be reusable, compostable, or recyclable.

With this new ordinance, the City of Alameda will be one of the only cities in California where drinking straws will only be available upon request.

The new ReThink Disposable: Unpackaging Alameda program can help Alameda restaurants and food service businesses switch to reusable packaging and save thousands of dollars. For details about the program, contact Program Manager Samantha Sommer at

During the next few months, expect significant public outreach and education to both businesses and consumers from the City of Alameda and the ReThink Disposable program.

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