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2203 Mariner Square Loop, Alameda
(866) 633-4147

Aquatech Swim School

AquaTech Swim School is a family owned and operated business with 2 bay area locations in Alameda & Concord California.

AquaTech owners, Adrienne Mattos and Stephen Moore, developed the company to create a ‘weather-proof’ environment where aquatic safety, health and skill development could occur. Emphasis was placed on developing a curriculum that would ultimately create a comfortable and technically sound swimmer who loves to swim! The ‘Mattos Method’ molds easily to those in search of water safety, to those wanting to pursue a long term successful career in the sport of swimming, at any age!

AquaTech strives to provide aquatic programming that promotes joy and can include the entire family. Year-round registration and varied program offerings allow all ages and abilities of swimmers to stay active, learning and enjoying the water consistently throughout the seasons.

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