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Alameda is going plastic-free!

The grid below are the food ware guidelines for Alameda. Alameda restaurants will be using reusable items (40 are signed up so far with ReThink Disposable) or compostable fiber-based items (think paper straws, wooden forks, pizza boxes, paper clamshells, paper cups). Go Alameda!

Stop the Trash that Pollutes Our Waterways

Clean Water Action is taking-on single use products: from shopping bags, to food and beverage packaging, to plastic water bottles. Their goal is to minimize the use of single-use products.

To help food businesses reduce waste, the City of Alameda has partnered with ReThink Disposable, a project of environmental nonprofit Clean Water Action. Businesses can receive free assistance and financial support to implement best practices for reducing disposable and litter prone packaging. The program saves the average small food business $5,000 in packaging costs by reducing disposable waste.

Have a favorite restaurant that you eat at often using too many disposables?

Ask them to sign up for ReThink Disposable, a free technical assistance program that helps businesses implement voluntary best management practices to reduce waste and cut costs by minimizing disposable product usage.

Measuring Our Impact on Reducing Street Litter in Alameda, California

Plastic Straws Available from Eco-Pliant

“The eco-pliant team applauds the City of Alameda for being one of the first cities in California to enact a plastic straw ban. Our state needs more environmental stewards like Alameda to protect our planet! Eco-pliant wants to make this transition as easy as possible, we have the widest selection of paper straws to choose from and free 1-2 day delivery. Our warehouse is right down the street in Oakland. We encourage minimizing the use of straws in general by only offering a straw “upon request” from a customer. This is to champion the wider message to only use what is absolutely necessary when dining out! Please visit us at for more information. All questions can be directed to & we will respond to them within 24 hours.”


Gride of Guidelines for Alameda on disposable food service ware

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