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AMP Warns Customers of Door-to-Door Scam
Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) is warning Alamedans of a scam targeting its customers. The utility has recently received reports that individuals are knocking on customers’ doors and impersonating AMP employees.

The individuals are requesting bank information from customers, saying they need to make changes to electric meters. The scammers are also telling customers that they will be charged a $120 fine if they do not provide their financial information, according to reports.

This scam is occurring as AMP contractors are installing smart meters at customers’ homes and businesses across the island. In addition, representatives from AMP’s renewable energy program, Alameda Green, are currently reaching out to customers in person. Here are tips on how you can tell the difference between AMP contractors and scammers:
  • AMP is installing meters across the island through December 2017. Our meter installation contractor is Professional Meters, Inc. (PMI). Please note that AMP’s installers wear PMI uniforms and carry AMP-issued ID badges.
  • There is no additional charge to customers when smart meters are installed.
  • AMP representatives will never knock on customers’ doors to ask for bank information and credit card or debit card numbers.
  • Alameda Green associates have AMP contractors’ badges. They wear black shirts that display both AMP and Alameda Green logos.
  • For verification that a visitor is from an AMP representative, you can ask to see their badge.
If you have any doubts or concerns that a visitor represents AMP, you can call AMP at 510-748-3900 to check on the individual.

If anyone demands immediate payment on your account, be suspicious.  If you suspect you have become a victim of this scam, AMP recommends that you immediately call Alameda Police Department to file a report. Alameda Police can be reached at 510-337-8340. Find more information at www.alamedamp.com/scams.